The Early Music Ensemble “Marsyas Baroque” (Paula Pinn - recorder, María Carrasco Gil - baroque violin, Konstanze Waidosch - baroque cello, Sara Johnson Huidobro - harpsichord) was founded after playing together at the “Trigonale” Early Music Festival 2018 (Austria). The ensemble has won a fellowship of the German Music Council, and was chosen to participate in the "Federal Selection of Young Artists 2020-2021". In addition, they also won the special Early Music Prize from the Freiburg Ensemble Academy and recently the First Prize at the “XX Biagio Marini Competition”.

Marsyas Baroque has a wide repertoire of virtuoso music from the 17th and 18th centuries which it has performed in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. It has been invited to Utrecht’s Fringe Festival for Early Music and to the Fringe Early
Music Festival from Brügge and will perform with Michael Form at the Trigonale in 2020. It has been coached by concert artists such as Shunske Sato, Peter Trefflinger, Mienecke van der Velden and Veronika Skuplik. All members of the ensemble have a wide international activity as soloists and in renowned orchestras, including the European Union Baroque Orchestra, Weser Renaissance, Oltremontano, Montis Regalis, to mention but a few.