Luise Catenhusen and Tilmann Albrecht stablished in 2010 I Zefirelli. 

The early music ensemble won in 2010 the 1.Prize in the Nachwuchswettbewerb Jungend Musiziert, followed by an Spezial Prize in enviaM Kammermusikwettbewerb, and one year after they were nominated for the Rheinsberger Hofkapelle.


In 2017 the I Zefirelli´s Team increased with María Carrasco (Violin), Jakob Kuchenbuch (Cello), Tobias Tietze (Lute) and Jeroen Finke (Voice and Percussion). With their Programm Händel im Pub they won an Sponsorship from the "Career Center - HfMT Hamburg", as well as the Spezial Prize from the West Deutschland Radio in the International H.I.F. Biber Competition 2019.